About Lilian James

Once in a while a seductive woman bursts into your life permanently altering the way you feel about women. As you read my words, chances are excellent that you have discovered a fiery lover and exclusive confidante. If meeting a sexually charged, vivacious and educated woman with a quick wit describes your version of feminine perfection, search no more!

What is rare is desired. As an authentic courtesan, I take great pleasure connecting with my suitor far beyond limits that he might anticipate. As a true girlfriend, genuineness matters to me. I tend to spend meaningful time with a few friends enjoying longer engagements rather than spending limited time with many friends during abbreviated trysts. What do we have in common? That is a question I ask myself when preparing to meet a new acquaintance. I find stimulating conversation to be an incredible turn on when it comes to matters of the boudoir.

I must let you know that while I am a romantic at heart and sensitive to the needs of others, there is a mischievous, wild side to me that I am certain will please and amuse you over and again. I like to cultivate a slow, sexy buildup of sensuality that leads to multiple climaxes akin to Nirvana. Though I blush while saying this, my aura exudes a subtle confidence that fuels passion behind closed doors. 

I have panache for stylish fashion underscored by accents of classicism and hints of trend. A versatile and eclectic wardrobe answers to any venue whether formal, casual or sporty. What lies underneath? That is a question that I would love for you to answer!

Short, blonde hair is my signature complimented by alluringly blue eyes and a dazzling smile. Creamy porcelain skin un-kissed by the sun may drive you crazy with desire which I love. A lean, lithe figure allows me to look spectacular in a cocktail dress with silk stockings, heels and bits of lace underneath.

Call me an epicurean, but living in a metropolitan city has given me a penchant for gourmet cooking, hosting lively dinner parties and spontaneous traveling. Though being in graduate school lends to a crazy, busy schedule, I always find time for athletics, the arts, myself and my partner. I am always up to something which makes for great commonality with friends. I like to think that I live a very sexy life.